What is the Middle of a Love Story?

The beginnings of a couple’s love story is always its sexiest. It’s intoxicating, heady, and oftentimes when we are face to face with it, we don’t know what to do. It can feel like a religion where faith is front and center.


But the middle is when the courtship and passion somehow tapers, and you are left with what makes you want to fix things and stick around even when it's already looking pretty shitty: love.


I think of the middle as both the road and the destination. After a relationship falters, or even after death, to me we are still in the middle of a love story because true love doesn’t end when togetherness or life does. It knows no time nor space, and it lives on in the heart, at times in secret.


Love stories are not always about romance and finding, “the one.” It is powerful and heart wrenching in all its forms. 


The immeasurable love of a parent to a child--birthed or adopted--human or furry; or the love of a child to a parent that comes full circle and with a deeper understanding when or if he or she becomes the latter; 


The bond among siblings that sometimes gets stronger after their parents have gone;


The love of a friend that endures when loyalties are tested, or one that always feels like no time has passed even if years have come and gone between them;


The kind of love that comes from that painful self-examination as you try and grow into the no-bullshit version of you;


The nostalgia for a place that you keep coming back to, or the promise of it;


The sentimentality for something inanimate as a delicious dish, toy, or object that evokes the feeling. 


In the words of my best friend, “Anywhere love resides is a love story waiting to be celebrated.”


Love can hurt by design, but it makes life infinitely more beautiful and memorable. It can make us better or worse people, it can empower or damage, but it is always what helps us rebuild. It is what gets you to say to a loved one or to yourself that it’s all gonna be ok.


It is my sincerest hope that when you read the stories here that it will provide you--especially in today's trying times--with a desire to either soldier on, pick yourself up, or begin writing your own story.


Welcome to the Middle of a Love Story. 

Kariz Tanya Favis

Founder & Editor

Former Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of New York and Los Angeles-based print family magazine, BC (Baby Couture)--Kariz is a mom to 3 human kids who are the loves of her life, and 2 furry boys. She is also a celebrity photographer and wardrobe stylist. Raised by a single mother, Kariz has always wondered how it would have felt like to have grown up with the affection of two parents, which is probably why she likes reading about stories of devotion and disconnect. She is currently helping manage her Farmery restaurant and deli business with her husband, Martin, whom she is perpetually in the middle of a love story with.